Welcome to DelawareRules.com Home and Property Info… and other things you should know about the 1st state.

This state is pretty interesting in that everyone seems to know each other yet there are a lot of people that pass through completely undetected.  They pass through from Maryland on their way to New Jersey and New York or they spend just a little time coming from Maryland or Pennsylvania to get some rest and relaxation at our beautiful beaches.

The real estate market seems to be picking up with the rest of the nation’s economy finally.  I think we hit a big bottom in 2011.  I thought bottom was here in 2009 but no.. I went and bought a home only to watch the value plummet to new depths a few years later.  Ouch!

Only 2 months after moving in, our water heater just about blew up the place.  As a new home owner, that began my journey with trying to be sure I had the right kinds of home improvement contractors on my side.  It’s crazy, I’ve had the financial misfortune of having to hire plumbers, fence installers, heating and air companies, termite inspection companies, electricians, and roofers.  Ridiculous indeed.

Through it all, I’ve learn a thing or 2 about property taxes, what the city can do, what county knows about water and sewer, and how efficient Del Dot can be or not be when it comes to maintaining roads or doing snow removal.  Fun stuff indeed.

I’ve also become slightly acquainted with the police and firemen that serve our communities.  What’s left I wonder.

Speaking of wonders, Delaware is affectionately known as a small wonder.  Hmmmmm….

We have just 3 counties in the state; New Castle, Kent, and Sussex

New Castle County Website:  http://www.nccde.org/
Kent County Website:  http://www.co.kent.de.us/
Sussex County Website:  http://www.sussexcountyde.gov/

Contractors to Call for Home Improvement Help:


The HVAC Pros
Newark DE

Enhanced Heating and Air
Newark DE


Bathroom Remodeling:

Master Shower Doors
1712 Ogletown Rd
Newark, DE 19711
(302) 368-7888


Conductive Electrical Contracting (Wilmington)
1201 North Orange Street
Suite 700 #757C
Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone: 302-319-4061

Conductive Electrical Contracting (Smyrna and points south)
59 Elwood Drive
Smyrna, DE 19977
Phone: 302-659-5000

General Construction:

Keith Jackson of Pencader Construction LLC
(302) 750-9877


All American Fence Company
523 Ponderosa Drive
Bear, DE 19701
Phone: 302-530-8155

Landscaping & Tree Services

Bartlett Tree Experts

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